Curious what Scott will focus on if elected to City Council?

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Proactive & Collaborative Governance

Scott believes in proactive teamwork. With Mayor Pounds, a highly qualified Council team and capable City Administration, IOP will evolve rapidly to a proactive governance model that positions IOP well for the next 20 years. Collaboration is an integral part of South Carolina communities and will be a key to success. January and February have been a great start!

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Fiscal Strength, Asset Stewardship & A Fiduciary

IOP is fortunate to currently have a strong tax base to adequately fund public safety, public works, support our residents and visitors. Scott's background includes working closely with both the private and public sectors - Federal to Local - managing large teams, operations, investments, assets and budgets. As a career Fiduciary, CPA, & CFP, he is bound to put your interests before his own and allocate resources efficiently. Scott would like see more funding allocation to investing in IOP's future - infrastructure, systems, skills, solutions, new revenue sources and participate in shared funding/grants more aggressively. Let's also implement strong routine compliance oversight for our significant investments/deals.

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Transparency in Communication, Meeting Commitments

Scott's a strong advocate of being available, listening to stakeholders, fulfilling commitments and communicating openly/constructively. Mayor Pounds and Council are already improving transparency and communication. With the initial strategy and orientation team session, Mayor's coffees, open office hours, coherent messaging, and request for input, they are setting the example for ensuring residents feel engaged and informed. Scott, with a deep communications and technology industry background, believes in leveraging technology platforms to significantly improve communication to residents, and shorten decision cycles with quicker, shared/public access to IOP key information.

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Peak Traffic Congestion

As IOP approaches 10 million annual vehicle crossings at Breach Inlet & the Connector, Scott supports investing in available traffic solutions now. We cannot afford to wait another season. Current solutions to consider are abundant - Infrastructure funds are flowing, SCDOT is willing to assist and our Legislative representatives will support us. All agree there are many viable opportunities for short and long term solutions, if we all work together - let's get started, or we may miss another entire season of opportunity.

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Protect Family Neighborhoods

Scott supports the 2015 parking plan and enforceable ordinances that ensure the highest level of public safety and sanitation to protect families and property. As residents often describe a typical weekend - "on any peak weekend day, our neighborhoods are like racetracks with cars exceeding 50+ MPH trying to get to Waterway and off the island...or cutting off another car for a parking spot." This is not sustainable without eventual loss of life, and/or major injury/disaster. Let's accelerate long term traffic/parking solutions for the neighborhoods, before we experience an avoidable tragedy.

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City Administration & Resident Involvement - Investing In Our Future

The IOP City Administration is evolving. Recent compensation studies have helped address market based pay - a positive step. Prior Personnel Committee leadership made strides in the hiring and compensation areas. There's an opportunity to evaluate and invest in current and new positions, skills & training that may be required:

1) Address current/growing demands for the next generation of IOP services/support

2) Succession planning for key leadership & employee development. Scott brings extensive staffing, compensation, and organization experience - skills that can help address these needs.

He would also like to see more community involvement/input - the talent pool and desire to volunteer on IOP is as broad and deep as any community, anywhere. Let's find ways to tap into it. 

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APRIL 5, 2022


You can vote in Person at IOP City Hall and/or IOP Recreation Center or by Absentee Application

In Person

Precinct 1A
Polling Location: IOP City Hall 1207 Palm Boulevard 

Precinct 1B and 1C 
Polling Location: IOP Rec. Center 24 28th Ave

*Early Voting* 
There will be a mobile voting unit available at City Hall on March 23rd and at The Citadel Beach House on April 1st.

By email to absentee@charlestoncounty.org 

Online at https://vote.charlestoncounty.org

Contacting Charleston County Board of Elections and Voter Registration at 843-744-8683