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Let's Work Together to Keep the "Neighbor" In Our Neighborhoods

Isle of Palms Residents,


With your support, I'd be honored to continue representing you on the Isle of Palms City Council and ask you to please consider re-electing me on November 7th. I also encourage you to reach out with any questions, or if you just want to meet and let me know what's on your mind - send me a message and I'll reach out. 


My approach to representation and commitments to you include:

Looking Ahead: A Collaborative Guide Forward

I will always look/plan ahead and do my best to help prepare for what's coming our way. I approach leadership, problem solving and action proactively, independently and objectively. I'll work with surrounding communities, State representatives, residents, administration, businesses and other organizations to make our community even better.

Building on Success: Solutions That Work

Over my 30+ years of experience, I've learned the most valuable resource is input - open, clear, accurate, complete, and constructive exchange of ideas. As a career negotiator and with decades of experience in dispute resolution (nice name for finding common ground), I'll leverage those experiences to reflect positive changes and results in our community. Practical and timely solutions being the goal.

Your Voice, Your Advocate: Your Voice at the Council Table

As a career Fiduciary (putting constituents'/client's interest before mine), in capacities such as General Manager, Division CFO, Investment Advisor, CPA, CFP  - and now Councilmember - has given me the background to represent you effectively. I'm your advocate, making sure your concerns are heard and addressed. I'll always be prepared and ready to stand up for what matters most to you. 

Engagement and Transparency: Your Trust Matters

I'll make every effort to engage with our community—openly and honestly. I value your opinions and want to hear from you. Re-electing me means we'll keep the lines of communication wide open, ensuring that you're always in the loop about decisions that affect us all.

Open Book, Clear Choices: Putting You First

Transparency is key. You'll get clear explanations for my votes, and I'll work to minimize closed-door meetings. Your priorities will always guide my decisions. It's not about me—it's about us as a community, and making sure our city thrives.

No Strings Attached: Your Trust Is Sacred

I'm committed to serving without conflicts of interest. Neither I, nor my family members, have ever financially benefited from any actions during my service on Council. My focus is solely on serving you and our community, without any other agendas or motives.

Unity for Progress: Let's Keep Working Together

Teamwork makes all the difference. I fully support open civil discourse, opposing views, direct communication, and providing resources for success. When you re-elect me, you're choosing a representative who's dedicated to finding common ground and taking actions that lead to real, tangible results.

I humbly ask that you re-elect me for IOP City Council. Our collaborative efforts will help preserve the residential paradise many residents have enjoyed for only a few years, decades, or their entire lives. We are all in this together and I'd like to help preserve our home for future generations. 


Please vote for me on November 7th.



Thanks for submitting!

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